Life Is A Boomerang

When I graduated high school I received the highest recognition at my commencement ceremony. It was the Award of Merit given to a student who went above and beyond, exhibiting exceptional school spirit. To say I was shocked is a total understatement LOL. ‘Me? Why ME?’ I was honoured but lost that spirit because of all the exciting and fun circumstances that sidetrack us in our youth. Fortunately, I found myself once again at age forty. Over the last decade I committed myself to community and being of service to something greater than myself. Why? Simply because of how amazing it made me feel, especially to see how happy people were when they received that special support! Wow…what a high!

Then, a while back, I was hurt by a friend to the point where I wanted to walk away from it all. Why bother when you discover there are those you trust who will resort to anything just to knock you off your high? The pain was great. My depression lasted over a year and had trouble sleeping, writing, attending events and even turned down organizations in need of support. Tony became my strength – ‘Don’t look around you. Put your blinders on. Keep going,’ he’d say. Seeing my state, he kept at it. ‘The work you did with Dr.  Mike helped so many women. Keep doing it. Vaughan Together was vital during Covid 19. It’s not right to stop important work because of ONE incident.’  Tony fueled me and Vaughan Together went on to support the crippling food insecurity crisis…and slowly I began feeling better.

However, what truly healed me were videos sent by a friend who lost his wife to cancer. These were first-hand accounts of NDEs (near death experiences) – a phenomena experienced by close to 20% of Americans in critically-ill situations. After hearing their stories, I knew that the overwhelming evidence and uncanny similarities between cases couldn’t be ignored. Although my family had several inexplicable, unearthly experiences since my mother’s death and I was already a believer, it was these stories that helped me resolve the pain I felt.

NDE messages are ridiculously simple:  Life is a school. We come here to experience resistance, overcome obstacles and grow. Each human is interconnected by energy and when you hurt someone you only damage yourself. Be aware of every action and word you say because IT WILL come back like a boomerang – good and bad. The energy you emit ripples, making endless waves affecting the world around you. There’s no competition and enough for all. Lighten up, laugh often, be brave, create and know that what is not visible to the human eye always has your back. You are always being supported – no matter how tough a situation is. Earth is our stage where we play our various parts to learn (thanks Shakespeare!). And whatever lessons were left unlearned you WILL come back to experience them all over again. And the big one (quoting The Beatles), ‘all you need is love’.  If you don’t know how to resolve something just surrender. The answer will come. So, here I am finding my footing again and doing what we’re all destined to do – live the best and most positive version of ourselves. What you give, you get.