There’s NO SHAME in Losing Weight

A while back a friend of mine told me she removed me from social media because she found my posts on my weight loss and menopause offensive. Startled, I began to second guess my intentions. Was I right showing women that they could go through ‘the change of life’ and still manage their weight successfully? […]

Swap Your Food With These Healthier Options!

One of the best tips I can give you when it comes to managing perimenopause weight and its symptoms is to swap your food for healthy options that are equally as tasty. This was a challenge at first because I was constantly craving plates of whole wheat pasta and sweets! So, how could I change […]

House of Pain

Just because I smile on social media doesn’t mean I’m happy all the time…but I’ll get to that in a minute. In the last year staying sane (‘balanced’ would be more appropriate) has been a massive challenge as we walk a fine line trying to find stability through the treacherous climate of this pandemic.  Covid-19 […]

I Have Scars

We can all paint a pretty picture – the image we portray to the world and a beautiful portrait depicting laughter and joy which thankfully hide the scars we’ve accumulated over a lifetime. Large and small, they are masses of distorted emotions left behind from wounds afflicted on us so deep that some will never […]

Italian Girl- Inspired By Venice

Shimmering like colourful, moonlit canals that gently interweave the palazzos of Venice, these Swarovski crosses on 18 carat gold-plated brass are some of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery I’ve ever owned. Reminiscent of Venice, Florence and the renaissance, I am grateful to artisan and Monnaluna creator, Giovanna Bruno for this handmade violet cross necklace […]

Power Of The Mind

Someone give me a medal – and not for losing 30 lbs weight loss but instead for blogging these ‘before’ photos!! These are definitely NOT my most flattering shots but I felt it was important to bare all because I’ve been told for decades that losing weight during perimenopause was IMPOSSIBLE.  Well, they were wrong! […]


‘Adversity introduces a man to himself’ – this quote from Albert Einstein came to mind over a month ago in a moment where I felt I could not go on.  I’d spent the last year in hospitals dealing with my mother’s illness and her traumatic death due to ovarian cancer. Yes, watching my extremely active […]