Pain is My Muse

Looking at myself with brutal honesty and objectivity was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do. Even harder, was removing my rose-coloured glasses to look in the mirror and admit the truth behind all my intentions. The more aware and spiritually-aligned I became, the more pain I felt!  It’s no wonder we use vices to mask pain.

Little miracles began to happen a few years back when I started writing Instagram posts about painful things that had happened to me in the past.  I noticed that once I wrote the story and found the courage to click ‘post’, the experience lost power and the festering grip it had over me.

A sense of freedom filled me once I became the storyteller. Detached, I was no longer a ‘victim’ but instead the orator of an inspiring tale that healed me.

Your story is just that…A STORY.  It’s an experience in a day, month or year of your life that God strategically placed on your path.  That nasty pothole on the road makes you stumble and fall but the adversity you face in order to stay ON COURSE builds strength of you courage to continue.

In time I learned that each painful fall was a gateway to self-discovery, helping me to grow and expand so I’m able to fulfil my purpose on this fascinating journey we call, ‘Life’! Where there is pain there is opportunity. Instead of building walls to protect myself every time I’m hurt, I keep putting myself out there.. no matter what!! And yes, I still get hurt. I know that overcoming painful situations allows us to soar in limitless possibilities.

No pain-no gain.

Sharing our stories, whether to one person or the masses, can be a life changer for you… and someone else. This month I’m featuring My Painful Truths – a new blog series where I tell stories and my ‘aha moments” that changed me. I hope you too share your stories! I know without a shadow of a doubt that your experience will help someone.