Power Of The Mind

Someone give me a medal – and not for losing 30 lbs weight loss but instead for blogging these ‘before’ photos!!

These are definitely NOT my most flattering shots but I felt it was important to bare all because I’ve been told for decades that losing weight during perimenopause was IMPOSSIBLE.  Well, they were wrong!

As many of you know via my social media postings the shift in my hormones (in addition to severe stress brought on by my dear mother’s passing) caused a variety of issues including this weight gain and although I packed on 25 lbs in just a couple of years the purpose of embarking on this journey was not to be skinny, but instead to be HEALTHY!!

My last birthday was the big eye-opener. I thought, “How do I want to live the rest of my life? And do I really want poor health to be the culprit that makes me dependent on others in my later years?’ Suddenly, my mortality became a reality.

It’s not easy for me to admit I had lost control of my health.  However, through these images and my story I want to show women experiencing the painful reality of weight gain during perimenopause that they can indeed lose weight and feel good again.  Although Dr. Micheal Carozza of Applemed Clinic  (a.k.a.Dr. Mike) has been an essential guide and wealth of knowledge I wouldn’t have lost a pound if I was not disciplined.  On my first appointment dated March 16, I expressed my doubts to Dr. Mike. It felt like a pipe dream. However, after my first 5 lbs loss I was elated and knew without a doubt that I would lose my intended 30 lbs goal.

I’ve received hundreds of messages from women inquiring about the ‘diet’ I am on and what ‘the secret’ is.  There’s no gimmick diet here and easy way out! My meals are a balance of healthy food choices. The secret? It’s all in the POWER OF THE MIND.  You can have all the tools but if you’re not patient, determined and do the work that’s involved, then you won’t lose the weight. Plain and simple. Your mind can either be your prison (woe is me!) or the gateway to freedom (yes, I can do this!).

All I can say is that I’m relieved to feel like my old myself again.. and to finally fit into all my clothes! Coming soon will be some tips I learned from Dr. Mike.  If you’re perimenopausal and gaining, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!