There’s NO SHAME in Losing Weight

A while back a friend of mine told me she removed me from social media because she found my posts on my weight loss and menopause offensive. Startled, I began to second guess my intentions. Was I right showing women that they could go through ‘the change of life’ and still manage their weight successfully? I began to doubt myself…and this was a horrible feeling.

I was also told that since I’m not a mom I couldn’t possibly understand how hard it is to eat right and exercise when kids demand all your time.  No, I’m not a mom but still do have a family with aging parents who have doctor appointments and many other needs including a husband whose career and unique lifestyle requires my attention 24/7.  I also have my own work/responsibilities including a wide network and a community who reach out to Tony and I for support on their various causes and initiatives.

My friend’s opinion made me STOP, sit and reflect on my reasons for this journey.  Was it unrealistic and wrong of me to show women that it is indeed possible to manage weight during menopause?

And Dr. Michael Carozza has shown me that although it requires a mind shift, it can be achieved.I feel it’s right to help other women who feel as I do.  Weight gain is just one of the many symptoms we perimenopausal girls deal with and all I’ve done is gone back to my original weight.  By changing my eating habits and dropping the extra pounds I’ve put on over the last two years I’m now able to control hot flashes, brain fog and finally have the sleep and energy I need to tackle my daily tasks and live a better quality of life.

I follow many inspirational women of all shapes and sizes and admire them for their courage in speaking their truth. They are my heroes and mentors.  MY truth was that I didn’t want to feel crappy anymore. I didn’t want to take synthetic hormones only to then get cancer as my mother did.  It wasn’t to satisfy any vanity by trying to be ‘skinny’ but instead to not lose myself in menopause’s vicious cycle.

This is what has worked for ME.  I don’t preach but guide women who are on a similar journey and want the same things as myself.  Not a day goes by where someone doesn’t reach out to me to ask about food choices, bloating, weight gain, hormones etc… And many have blown my mind because they are so supportive, loving and give me strength!! Therefore, I know now in my heart that I’m doing must be right.

By sharing what I learn and providing resources, support and advice to anyone who asks I’ve come to understand that I’m an instrument helping to raise awareness to ageism and the stigma associated with menopause.  I hope my friend and anyone who feels as she does will come to realize my intention.